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Known as Canada's picture province, New Brunswick is located on the northeast coast of North America bounded by Quebec to the north, Nova Scotia to the east,and Maine USA to the west.
It's the largest of Canada's Maritime Provinces yet small enough to allow visitors to enjoy day trips throughout all of the province.

New Brunswick is:
- the gateway to the other Atlantic Provinces by Automobile.
- is a 'One of a kind destination' - it inspires through it's world-class Natural Wonders.
- offers a taste of what all of Canada has to offer - all in one unique Province, from its forests and mountains to ocean and beaches.
- has an abundance of Wildlife with opportunities to experience a variety of guided nature tours.
- offers a number of adventure opportunities to participate in the great outdoors.
- is a world class Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing destination.
- has some of the best whale watching in the world.
- is within a day's drive by automobile from most northeastern us cities like Boston and New York and eastern Canadian Cities such as Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.
- is easy acessible by air travel, with flights arriving daily from around the world including approx 2 hr direct flights from New York and 6 hr direct flights from the UK.

Visiting New Brunswick has never been so easy and as much fun.

In addition to superb Atlantic Salmon and Trout fly-fishing as well as numerous other activities that are available, we offer comfortable accommodation either in our spacious and well-equipped Lodge or our 2, 3, 5 and 6 bedroom private cottages. We also offer a secluded 2 Bdr Wilderness Cottage and also a rustic 2 bedroom walk-in secluded Wilderness cabin.

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Atlantic Salmon and Trout Fly Fishing
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comfortable 2 to 6 bed private fully equipped cottages
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